Friday, December 21, 2007

GOSSIP around forever...well, at least it had its name before 1050

     And, just because it wasn't named until then...that means nothing because we all know gossip has been around since we could talk. SHOOT, it probably was around even before then. I am sure you can picture some scandalous cave paintings.
      Well, according to, gossip's etymology, in my opinion, is quite fascinating.
     So, it all started out as simply being about people who are related to each other and then it moved onto woman friends attending a birth, which led finally to "familiar and idle talk." I see the progression.
     I know, I know. We live in a society that runs on gossip. Look at the magazines and television shows that have flooded the market in the past years.
     I know that I am even guilty of it. GOSSIP. But, what I don't get is WHY there are people who THRIVE on gossip, and particularly sharing "BAD NEWS" about others. The irony of the "bad news" is that in itself is a judgment. And, really who has the right to pass judgment on anyone else?
     There is definitely a difference between sharing information, like when a friend is in the hospital having a baby or really sick or what have you, and being malicious.
     It just seems that the latter is so despicable. What causes people to partake in it?
     Who enjoys the sadness or mistakes of others enough to intentionally share it? To get on the phone and call people just for the sake of sharing gossip??
     Just think about it the next time you make a phone call or stop a neighbor to share some scandal that really is none of your business and most probably you don't have all the information about anyhow.
     I write of this because I have a close friend and her fmaily who are dealing with this issue. I just told her to remember that those of us who love her, will continue, and we know and we choose to not judge what is going on in their lives right now.
     I do, however, find it VERY difficult not to judge the gossip mongers.

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