Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Passing on the jolly!

     OK, so yesterday was a SUPER day! It all started with positive "I" statements in the shower, lots of smiles, and just good energy.
     Everything is grooving. Know what I mean? I love it when that happens, and then SOMETIMES I start to worry that things are going so swell that surely something bad will happen.
     I did not think that yesterday though. Instead I was enjoying each positive moment.
     Normally around deadline time for our yearbook, life is BEYOND stressful, but NOT this year. For a whole bunch of reasons, things are running very smoothly. Mostly, my amazing editor, Nadine, but also I am improving in how I teach the class...this is my fourth year of annual, afterall. Big gains since my first year!!
     School is great, and my family life is even better! Life is just happening, and I am happy!
     Do you ever have that feeling of just being VERY productive? That's how yesterday was...I was accomplishing everything on my "to do" list, and even things that weren't.
     Then as I finished running my errands (PUD, post office, insurance, car tabs, gas, rent, etc.), my car made a strange sound.
     First, thing I am very appreciative of is that Rick is an oustanding mechanic...NICE to have in the family :)
     So, I drive over to his work, he checks it out, and it appears to be bad news. But, you know what, I don't feel devastated or anything, because what are you going to do?
     Rick sends me over to the parts store, I am expecting the worse. First of all, I normally break out in hives (not really, but you get the pic) when I have to go to an auto parts store. It's like a foreign country. And, I like to travel and learn new things, but that's not how I feel in an auto parts store. Usually I feel like I am a country where I can't speak the language and NOBODY is going to help me or if they are going to help me, they might rip me off. Thankfully that was NOT the experience yesterday!
      As I am handing over money, I am thinking about the good things of the situation.
     First, I get to see Randy, who I am technically related to, as we share the same adorable granddaughter. And, if you know Randy...he is a super positive guy!
     Thankfully, Car Quest had my parts, and I only had to fork over an arm, as opposed to an arm and a leg (just kidding, the prices were FAR less than I expected!!!).
     Of course, I brought the parts back across the street and Rick figured out that it was something else entirely, so back over to CQ.
     Then I started teasing Randy that I was going to blog about him (and here I am!).
     In the end, my car isn't completely fixed (found something else out that needs to be worked on...neverending), but I had fun last night around Mike and Rick, and, of course, Santa Randy (although he wasn't giving me presents, he was very JOLLY).
     It's all about the frame of mind you choose to live in...No Grinch attitude here :) Pass on the jolly!

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