Wednesday, December 26, 2007


     To me the reason for the season centers around family. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it does connect directly to those we consider important in our lives.
     I was just thinking about what family really means. WHO is family? And, I feel very lucky to have the family who I have in my life!
     We picked up Cody on Saturday from the airport, and we were hoping to have lunch with Mike (Rick's son), but those plans did not work out because of his work.
     We were able to take our little one with us, and I just wish I could've taken her picture at the exact moment that she saw Cody. Her eyes were lit up so was adorable.
     We stopped for lunch and Cody taught Sarah how to blow the paper off of a straw. Let me tell you, the delight in her belly laughs warmed the entire little restaurant.
     As I watched those two (Jordie was at his dad's going to a Seahawk game...he was VERY missed), I thought how lucky the two of them are to be family. Of course, there are those out there who say they are not family because they are not blood-related, and have even said so to us. Such small-minded people are really missing out on what this world has to offer.
     On the ride home we endured a plethora of knock knock jokes (some funny, some terrible), silly songs, and other little gags from the backseat. Those two really are TROUBLE!
     I once had someone ask me how I could love my step-daughter as much as I do, and I could only reply, "How could I not?"
     I think about the people I am really close to in my life, some of them "blood" family, some of them not.
     I consider my mother-in-law a mom to me. I consider my best friends sisters to me. I consider all of Rick's kids my kids (and grandkids...woo hoo #3 AND A BOY on the way).
     So, this holiday season, when you gather your "family" together, be appreciative for those people in your life. I know I am!

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