Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring away!

     2008 is here!!! Ringing in yet another year!! I am very excited for what is to come, what the future holds. I am also ok with leaving some things behind in 2007!
     I can't believe we are headed back to school tomorrow already! Today we took Cody back to Spokane to fly back to San Diego and then we went and visited Rick's brother Rod in Moses Lake.
     What a great visit we had!!! I am so excited that Rod and his family will be so close to us, as I really enjoy spending time with them all!
     In thinking about this Christmas Break (which I know I sound like a whiner when I say it seemed far too SHORT), I really am glad that I made the choices I did.
     I focused my time on family and friends. I had coffee and lunch with a friend, and we really caught up on our lives and hopefully we have made a new connection to now spend more time together :)
     I went to lunch with my good friend, her mom, and another close friend. We had such a nice time, laughing, chatting, just relaxing.
     I also had lots of family time which just felt like a nice recharge of the battery. Life sometimes gets so hectic that I don't feel like we have the time to just enjoy one another the way we do when we are on vacation.
     We spent time with our friends on New Year's Eve, and we had a blast playing Phase 10!! I had the realization at the beginning of the night that it was my 5th New Year's Eve with our family friends, the Lockwoods! Very cool!
     I spent lots of time reading...I am reading two books right now, and I love them both!! I will update you about that tomorrow :)
     And, although I feel like all of the resolutions we seem to make are often broken or they are the same resolutions every year, I did resolve to start exercising daily and eating well starting tomorrow, January 2nd.
     SOOOOO...farewell 2007, and may 2008 be Full of Family, Friends, and Fun!!
     P.S. I have some extra motivation for losing weight this year...more on that later, too :)

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