Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

     As you can tell from my Twitter updates, we spent lots of time this weekend playing. It was a very relaxing weekend filled with tons of laughter.
     I also love the weekends because Cody is on liberty, so we chat off and on from Friday evening until Sunday evening. That really makes it feel like he is not so far away.
     I ate really well this weekend. I did have a MooLatte from Dairy Queen, when we had our girls day out, but I counted those calories, and I ordered a regular instead of large one (no small sizes to choose). Ready for this?? 590 calories, and 23 grams of fat. That just meant I had to eat light for dinner, which I did.
     We made a yummy salad. Our little one loves cooking, so we spend lots of time in the kitchen together!
     We also planned out what kind of Valentines she wants to make, and even she started talking about ideas for her birhtday party in May! Maybe she has a future ahead of her that we don't all know about...planner??
     I did not exercise intentionally, just running around out in the snow, and a Wal*Mart trip.
     But, I have a HUGE plan for this upcoming week. I WILL drink my water goal each day (70 ounces). And, I will exercise for at least 5 hours this week.
     I have been watching the National Body Challenge on the Discovery Health channel. I just find it so inspiring!! I am going to register myself. I did fill out an application to be considered to be on television!
     It's really been a satisfying weekend. I do have a somewhat busy week ahead, but good stuff :)

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