Thursday, January 31, 2008


     Positive affirmations! They work wonders! I just love it when you start saying positive things and then all sorts of positive things start happening in your life.
     I am reading a couple of interesting self-help sort of books related to weight and the whole mind-body connection. I LOVE IT!
     One of the other major focus points in the two books that I am reading is about FORGIVENESS.
     What's cool about really isn't for the other person. That's right, when you forgive someone, it releases what you don't need to carry around in your heart!
     TRUST ME, I know it's really hard to forgive certain people, especially when they are difficult and/or attempt to cause havoc in your life.
     But, guess what?? You can forgive a person and still not have anything to do with that person! Forgiving doesn't mean that you are best friends or that you even have to like the person. This is especially true because of the fact that the act of forgiveness is releasing the person actually doing the forgiving.
     I personally have a person in my life that I have the least amount to do with as possible, only because the person goes out of the way to be unkind.
     I choose to forgive this person (often) and even feel sorry for her, as she must be in such pain that she has to lash out to hurt others.
     What's great is that even if she is being UGLY, I don't have to accept her icky energy!!
     Give it away! Remember the serenity prayer!!
     Then remember your positive affirmations: I choose to forgive this person to release this hurt from my heart. I choose to find the positive in my life. I choose!
     I especially like looking at positive affirmations as related to losing weight. I will be my perfect weight to allow my body to feel its genuine vitality and energy.
     Just try it! Wake up in the morning, put on your attitude, smile at yourself in the mirror!! Say out loud the positive things about your life! Give away the negative aspects.
     Here are some sites with some SUPER positive affirmations that you can try out. It really does work!!!

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