Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

     Yesterday was a good day! I walked after school, and I discovered Twitter, as you can see off to the left!
     What I love about Twitter is that I can send an update at any time. I can Twitter from anywhere, since it's from my phone, and that's especially good for the times that I stay at Rick's, since he doesn't have a computer!
     But, even just driving down the road (well, not when I am driving, since that's illegal now, but rather when I am a passenger), or when I am having a moment: good or bad.
     I also discovered these new steamer bowls fom Healthy Choice, that are very yummy for lunch.
      Well, this is a short one this morning, but definitely you can read the three other posts below, and all my Twitters on the side!
     Here's to an even better day today!

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