Saturday, January 19, 2008

The big 15,000!

     I can hardly believe that my blog counter rolled over the big 15,000 hits! WOW! This has truly been a fun ride, and I look forward to next 15,000!!
     Yesterday was a busy, but good day. I did drink my quota and more, 120 ounces of water. And, I lost another pound.
     I have really taken a different approach this time around. I have not gone gangbusters right out of the gate.
     So, this week my big focus is going to be on exercise. The deal is that I really do like to exercise. I am not someone who detests it! I have just gotta get it going!!
     Today has been a super day!!! I have packed away all the Christmas decorations, and although I did not want to take down my tree, I do love re-discovering my livingroom!!!
     I even have enough room to get an exercise bike (like a recumbent one), so I need to locate one :)
     We have a basketball game tonight, and then Ricky is taking me out to dinner. I have been saving my calories today. And, I think we MIGHT go to the movies tonight or else we are going tomorrow afternoon!
     Well, have a good one...and, to my loyal readers: THANKS!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Great job! It seems like only yesterday you were a WNPA Foundation Intern.

So, when are you going to have time for a writers' group if you can't even find time to exercise??