Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eating and spending GREEN!

      One of my biggest frustrations (and, I have blogged about it before) is the fact that healthy foods are more expensive than the junk food. It's a conspiracy.
      Well, OK. I know it's about the actual manufacturing of the food and the expenses related to that, determing the actual price.
      Anyhow, I know that we are raising our own cows and pigs anymore because it's just not cost effective; it's actually too expensive!
      We are going to rodeo up our chickens and start collecting eggs again. Have you noticed egg prices?
      I read a good article this morning, all about this issue. Check it out!
     I do know that when I shop at the Farmers Market, the prices are always LOWER than the local groceries stores. BUT, what's a girl to do in the winter?

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