Monday, January 7, 2008

Checked off the Bucket List!

What's really cool about this list is that EVERYTHING was on my Bucket List, but I have actually accomplished them!!! What was fun was reviewing my list just since last year!!

Become a mom
Visit Roswell and the alien museum
Go to the 4 Corners Monument
Walk on Abbey Road
See Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle
Go to England
Go to Alaska
Go on a road-trip (I have been on MANY, even one solo!)
Change a tire on my own (trust me I was in the middle of nowhere!)
Become a teacher
Earn a Master’s Degree
Teach at the college level
Go to Las Vegas (lots of fun trips there)
Go to Puerto Vallarta
Swim, catch fish and see dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico
Visit the Alamo
Go to Disney Land
Play fastpitch softball in a national tournament
Publish poetry
Own a motor scooter
Own a VW Bug
Go to professional football games
Go to rock concerts and take my kids to concerts
Go to Carlsbad Caverns
Camp in Yellowstone - see Old Faithful
Hike at the Arches National Park
See the Bingham County Copper Mine
Soak in a natural hot springs
Go to a drive-in movie
Go on a long motorcycle trip
Go to a spa for a week
Go to Reno / Lake Tahoe
Finish a triathlon
Learn how to cook
Be an elected city councilwoman (in Leavenworth)
Raise animals/live on a farm
Work at a ski resort
Snowboard, downhill ski, snowshoe, cross-country ski
Camp regularly
Hike Enchantments
Go to the opera
See Phantom of the Opera
Direct a play/musical
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Stand under the Peace Arch
Have a pet fish
Ride a train
Go to the top of the Space Needle
Attend a professional baseball game
Ride a horse on a beach
Ride in a glass-bottomed boat
Jump off a cliff into water
Whitewater river raft
Go to Crater Lake
Go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum
Go to San Diego Zoo, Aquarium, and Sea World
Walk on Cannery Row
See a sunset and sunrise at the ocean
Fly first class
Go to the Redwood Forrest
Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere
Sleep on a trampoline
Be buried at Pebble Beach
Go to Pike’s Place Market
Go whale watching
Ride a ferry both on a car and as a pedestrian
Stay in a fancy five star motel
Watch hydros
Adopt a family at Christmas
Get a tattoo
Take a college level astronomy class
Catch a fish
Fire a gun
See the Northern Lights
Stand behind a waterfall
See a professional rodeo
See the Ice Capades
Make a snow angel
Go to a movie alone
Ride on a streetcar in San Francisco
Walk on Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk
Host a blog
Spend an entire day reading a book and doing nothing else
Play an instrument
Fall in love
Raise money for cancer
Sew clothes
Make an intricate gingerbread house from scratch
Eat escargot
See the laser show and fireworks on the 4th of July at Grand Coulee Dam
Spend over 8 hours in Powell’s
Make a snowman
Make homemade ice cream
Fall asleep in a hammock
Dance in the rain
Have a picnic
Stay awake for over 24 hours
Write and publish articles
Join the banana slug club
Drive a jet ski
Fly a kite on the beach
Seen an original of Van Gough, Monet, Manet
Attend a Ringling Brothers Circus
Learn Origami
Drive on Route 66
Drive on Highway 101
Go to the Oregon Coast
Visit the Sea Lions Cave
Get a passport
Answer an online personal ad
Cross over the Great Continental Divide
Coach a team
Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh on New Year’s Eve
Go on a hayride
Hit a homerun
Survive an accident I shouldn’t have survived
Eat REAL sushi
Had my picture in the newspaper
Eat fried green tomatoes
Bowl in a league
Bowl a game over 200
Cut down a Christmas tree in the mountains and snow
Write a letter to the editor
Get a professional massage
Eat at a Hard Rock Café
Get a tattoo with Cody
Sell something on e-bay
Attend a formal Tea
Fix my teeth
Start a book group

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