Monday, January 7, 2008

SEW that's that!

     It has been since last week when I blogged. I have mostly good news in the health area of life. I have been eating exceptionally well.
     I shoot for between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. I am eating several smaller meals to feel more satiated, and I am eating protein which definitely does the job!
     Even better, if I want something that would normally be a NO-NO, I am really thinking about it, then if I decide to, I eat it, but just count the calories!
     So, now I am almost on a week of eating better. That’s a good feeling, and I have been drinking more water, although not the amount I want, so that’s my goal for this week!
     Exercising…I am starting to exercise today after school with friends at work. We are going to walk inside the school since the roads are so slippery outside. I also want to work in some aerobics at home in the morning this week.
     Little changes to make a big difference. That’s my idea this time around. I packed my lunch today, and I know that is a HUGE help to me. Also, I am in the mode of making sure I know exactly what we are eating for dinner, so there’s no last minute surprises.
     Some other nurturing I am doing is that of the spirit. I am reading lots lately, which is something I love to do. I am still involved in my book group, and now possibly two groups!
     I am in the beginning stages of trying to start a writers’ group locally. I have three other people who are interested, so we are going to kick that off soon, too. If you are a writer out there, looking for other writers, holler at me!
     You know I have a HUGE “to do before I die” list. I love the concept of that new movie with Jack and Morgan, The Bucket List. So, I am excited to bring those things to fruition and officially add them to my “What I’ve Done In My Life” list!!
     We are also forming a Bunco group, which I am very excited about. Now, here’s the rub…YES, these activities add more BUSY into my life, but they are all things I want to do and am looking forward to the pure enjoyment of doing.
     Speaking of that, Rick bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. This was truly one of the best presents I have ever received. I can hardly believe that I am 36 and just now owning my very own sewing machine.
     I love to sew! We just completely revamped our little one’s room, and I made her some of the cutest horse pillows ever! We also made her bandana pillows (to go with the whole theme).
     I love my sewing machine, and boy is it fancy. I have always had to borrow sewing machines in the past. I used to sew TONS when my boys were wee little ones. We had some of the best Halloween costumes EVER.
     Sewing is so relaxing to me. And, my machine does all sorts of fancy stuff and is computerized. That has been a major transition for me, but I love it.
     I have lots of plans for things to sew. I especially can’t wait to make the little summer dresses for our little girl that I used to wear.
     Anyhow, there ya have it! Find something that you deserve to do, and DO IT!!!

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