Monday, January 7, 2008

My own BUCKET list!

Things I want to do in my lifetime…

Besides the obvious like see my kids graduate from high school and college and be at their weddings and meet my future grandchildren, and see them everyone live happy lives!

Not necessarily in any particular order.

I do have a list of things I want to do:
 Backpack Europe
 Visit Australia and New Zealand
 Write a book that makes the New York Times bestseller list
 Learn an old language (Latin or Greek, maybe)
 Learn to drive a motorcycle
 Learn to ride a horse with confidence (second nature) – working on this one!
 Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
 Learn to play the piano
 Visit New York – I have always wanted this, but I would very much now like to stand at the site of the twin towers, as well I have a list of about twenty things I want to do in New York!
 See a musical on Broadway
 Go on a cruise
 Be on a reality tv show
 Be on a game show
 Study more, go to college again, maybe earn my doctorate next or an entirely different degree like law
 Volunteer either for a mission or something like the peace corps (I have a huge urge to help in New Orleans)
 Learn construction (maybe I could add this to the one above and work on a Habitat for Humanity house)
 Go bungee jumping
 Go skydiving
 Return to Alaska, but in the summer
 Visit all 50 states, so far I have been to 18 states, 4 provinces in Canada, and 3 other countries
 Go to Mt. Rushmore
 Go to Washington DC – I desperately want to see the Vietnam Memorial Wall
 Learn to rock climb outside (I love indoor rock climbing)
 Go to the David Letterman show
 Swim with dolphins
 Learn to scuba dive; I have been snorkeling when we went to Mexico; that was incredible.
 Go up in a hot air balloon
 Go to the Great Wall of China
 Learn to sing, take lessons
 Go to the Grand Canyon
 Ride in a gondola in Venice
 Run in a half-marathon
 Ride in a helicopter
 Be a size 10 again
 Ride my bike to work
 Learn a specific dance like tap or waltz
 Watch a sunrise with my kids (have seen many sunsets with them)
 Play chess at Central Park
 Send a message in a bottle (This is cool for a whole bunch of reasons; I remember when I sent a message in a balloon filled with helium once.)
 Have my palm read
 Be a member of a school board
 Act in a play or musical (I have directed, but never acted)
 Celebrate New Year’s Eve in an exotic place
 See a gi-normous 4th of July fireworks display – bigger than Wenatchee!
 Rent a houseboat
 Watch a Nascar race in person
 See the Nutcracker in a professional performance
 Donate my hair to Wigs for Kids
 Get a makeover
 See Shakespeare’s Grave
 Learn to paint or draw
 Go to Alactraz
 Go to MOMA and the Smithsonian
 Go to the Louvre in Paris
 Go to Atlantic City
 Attend the Olympics
 Eat Italian food in Italy
 Live in a log cabin in the woods
 Visit a concentration camp
 See Cirque du Soleil
 See Niagara Falls
 Learn to skateboard
 Learn to knit
 Learn to quilt – for real
 Learn to make an espresso (like at the coffee place, not my howe machine)
 Own a bookstore
 Watch an entire season of a show I have never seen before at one sitting
 Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
 Drive a semi-truck for at least a day
 Travel the whole of Africa
 Go on a week-long trip on a sailboat (a big one)
 Visit each continent
 Run/Jog in a 5k for charity
 See the 7 Wonders of the World
 See Stonehenge
 Bury something important to me and leave it there for someone to find many years from now
 Celebrate Christmas in July
 Be silent for 24 hours
 Be at a Manchester U game
 Take a swamp tour in the Everglades
 Attend the Sundance Film Festival
 Read 100 works of classic literature (getting close)
 Enable somebody else to accomplish a goal on their list
 Grow my hair to where I can sit on it
 Re-connect with some of my best friends in the world and meet up at least once a year, maybe even to do something on our lists!
 Forgive someone with my WHOLE heart
 Be up-to-date on family scrapbooks
 Clear out everything that makes me a pack-rat (storage, especially, almost done!!)
 Have a nice porch/deck with rocking chairs
 Refurnish my rocking chair from when I was born
 Give a commencement speech
 Go to the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving
 Walk on the Bonneville Salt Flats
 Bake bread
 Start a writers group
 Start a Bunco group
 Write a list of 100 things I want to do before I die and keeping adding to it as I accomplish things and keep a list of things I have done!

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