Tuesday, January 15, 2008


     Things I have noticed in just two days of hyper-water drinking. You should try it and see if you feel the same! I have WAY more energy. I started thinking about this. Let’s go extreme. The person dying of thirst in the desert: S/he would have little to no energy, right?
     I am WAY less hungry and not even wanting to snack. So, maybe when we go to snack, really we are thirsty rather than hungry. I’ve noticed that I am actually feeling thirsty and want even more water (sort of the Lays potato chips’ effect, where you can’t eat just one).
     I am also very cold today. This, of course, could be the weather, but I distinctly remember this effect every time I have beefed up my water consumption.
     I did find one of my old blogs that relates to this topic. I can't believe it is almost two years old!!

     Interesting water consumption links:

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