Sunday, January 27, 2008

My fishbowl is draining!

      Good news! I almost feel like I am out of the fishbowl that has housed my head for many days now!
      I had major pressure and sinus activity that was making me miserable!!
      Last night, when we went over to our friends' house (which I even debated going because I still felt poopy), Rich told me I should take an allergy pill.
      I did, and today I feel incredibly improved. Not totally better, but well on my way! I even have a prescription allergy pill, and I don't know why I didn't think to take it?? Hello!
      Today with much more energy, I completed all the household tasks, and even squeezed in some moderate exercise of reading and riding the bike!
      I am sooooo excited about having the recumbent bike, here in the house. I can just get up in the morning, stay in my PJs, turn on the television or grab a book and ride off into the sunrise!
      My friend Dee sold me her recumbent bike, and I told her that when I am skinny this summer, she can take some of the credit, too!!
      I plan on getting up every day this upcoming week and riding the bike, and depending upon how I feel I might even ride it at night when we are watching our favorite shows.
      And, it really helps that I am reading a book I LOVE right now! Rick bought me Rhett Butler's People for Christmas. This is an authorized (by the Margaret Mitchell people) version of Gone With The Wind. It's all from Rhett's perspective!
      OK, so if you didn't know Gone With The Wind is one of my all-time favorite books. I don't know if it because I am from the South or I just love that time period. GREAT BOOK, and so far this new version is, too.
     I would really like someone in Hollywood to make the movie again, still set in the same time period, same story, etc., but modernized with today's technology and sets, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love the old version, but I think it would be a great movie to remake!
     I definitely feel motivated to ride and read! And, it helps now that I can breathe :)

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