Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finishing off summer on a strong note!

     The month of August has been a bit of a blur for me! It just has been one activity after another.
     To start we had Stampede. I had the dunk tank, which was definite exercise. Then we also walked around town to different places to buy the charms for our bracelets. I did choose to eat one sausage which is a zillion calories, but all the walking must have worked!
     During the Stampede we also had a huge family BBQ. This was fun, and I made VERY GOOD decisions as far as eating went. I focused on portions and eat lots of fruit.
     I love watermelon, by the way! We took some with us on our camping trip, and it's such a sweet snack!
     That brings me to our camping trip. We headed up to Bonaparte, which I LOVE!
     This was a great trip because we did lots of fun outdoor things from hiking, fishing, swimming to even riding bikes!
     Our little mastered the bike without the training wheels, so this meant LOTS and LOTS of rides for all of us!!
     It made me excited to get home and start riding my bike around where we live at home!
     We all ate good, and I did give myself one treat of a S'More! I drank lots of water, and the weather was perfect!
     So, I weighed yesterday, and I lost 2 pounds!!! I weighed 224.8! Good news, indeed.
     I know that I will have lost more weight next week because I have been so active these past four days.
     I will tell you the BEST way to lose weight (and, on various levels). MOVE! I don't just mean physically move your body, but I mean to move your household!
     I spent Sunday packing and going through everything at my house. This was a good experience because I found lots of stuff that I hadn't looked at for a long time, and also I found tons of junk to get rid of (losing weight).
     I was moving and lifting and sweating for hours on Sunday! Then on Monday we actually moved. I brought everything up from the basement because it was much easier to have a hand-off system going than have two people try to squeeze by each other up and down the narrow stairs.
     Then we dumped off some stuff to storage, and the rest to the house. I have most of it already unpacked.
     On moving day, it was still a bit hot and humid outside, and I honestly felt like I couldn't drink enough water even though I was drinking non-stop.
     My muscles were sore, but a good sore the next day! I really feel alive, accomplished, and I can't wait to weigh-in next week!
     I feel like I am back on track and re-focused. That's good!

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