Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bring on the BEAUTY

     Was yesterday not beautiful?? I love it when it warms up and makes ya feel like summer is coming!
     We spent the evening watching our little one jump on the trampoline, visiting with our neighbor, and just enjoying the perfect weather outside.
     I did not blog yesterday morning because I woke up with a headache. I actually had someone tell me that when you wake up in the morning with a headache it's because you did not get enough oxygen to your brain while you were sleeping.
     I do snore, and I imagine I even hold my breath at night. I really do need to have a sleep study done.
     Well, actually, I really do need to just lose weight. That would eliminate the snoring, and I am guessing the morning headaches.
     Although, I have allergies big time, and I am thinking they could certainly be contributing to the headaches and such.
     I definitely need to go to the gym even if JUST to weigh. I know I am the heaviest I have been. I can feel it.
     Right now I am operating under the ignorance is bliss method, I think. I know I need the reality check SOON.
     We had a super weekend. I did not make good choices eating, and I only exercised on Saturday (with one HUGE walk), but all of the family time was SUPER SWEET!
     Going to Leavenworth on Saturday was nice. I always love seeing all my old friends and the kids. It's emotional though.
     Wenatchee was fun since it was Apple Blossom, and I did a little shopping, which was mostly good (new purse and sunglasses), but a little depressing (trying to find a dress for graduation).
     Then Sunday the Mother's Tea was such a blast with Cody! Only two boys were there, but they sat by each other and kept our table entertained!
     I was thinking as I left the tea that when I attended my senior tea, I took Cody with me. He was a week old. My how time does cycle.
     Today looks like another BEAUTIFUL day!

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