Monday, May 21, 2007

Racing, racing, racing

     That's a perfect title because I did RACE all weekend, and although I am wiped out, I am content!
     The weekend started with Relay for Life. My high school team earned just over $1,000!
     I took my step-daughter, and she was an absolute HOOT! She just loved everything about the night.
     She was obsessed with getting paperclips, so even at the tender age of 5, she walked 10 laps!! That's two and half miles!!! I made my goal plus one, as I collected 36 clips.
     We camped overnight, and it was just a good time with a bunch of great kids!
     My two favorite parts of the evening were the Survivor Lap (I always choke up), and the silent lap that everyone walks when the luminaries are all lit.
     It is absolutely beautiful at that time, and my step-daughter just LOVED all of the lights and how the word HOPE was up on the bleachers.
     Then the next day, I raced down to Wenatchee to watch the baseball game, and sadly we lost.
     When the baseball game was over, I went and watched the soccer match between Cascade (our old home town) and Wahluke. Cascade lost; it was a heartbreaker!
     I had coached many of those seniors when they were tiny tots.
     Then yesterday we raced over to Lake Roosevelt for two Babe Ruth baseball games (we split those).
     Once we raced home, we headed off to see the third installment of Shrek. Good movie, funny, not my favorite of the three, but worth going.
     So, I take a deep breath, and ready myself for a busy two weeks.

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