Monday, May 28, 2007

What a weekend!

     Good MONDAY morning! Ahhh...what a pleasant morning I have truly had :)
     I slept in, SIGH. Then up with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug (Husky Mom), and I sat out on our porch listening to the wind chimes, and enjoying the sunshine.
     As I sat there, I was thinking about how nice this past weekend was and I wasn't thinking about everything on my "DO NOW" list!
     Nope instead I was breathing in the moment and taking a moment to just breathe.
     What a SUPER weekend! We started it off a bit busy, running home and then off to the soccer BBQ.
     I was sort of stressed about going because I knew what else I had to accomplish on Friday, but BOY, it was nice to just sit down and enjoy the company of nice people.
     As well, the coach gave us a framed picture of senior night. It included a pic of Cody and me, and then a pic of all the seniors. NICE TOUCH.
     Then, once we left we took off to Republic. I was dropping off Cody for the weekend at my brother's, and it was a nice visit with my sister-in-law and niece.      So, finally when I came home Friday night after 10 p.m., I was definitely pooped.
     Saturday morning I woke up and roused Jordie, as he was leaving for Seattle with Grandma Pat.
     Then Rick and I (totally kiddo-less) took off on the bike. We had one of the best rides we have ever had!!
     We went up to Republic and visited with everyone there, and then we headed off around to Curlew, Danforth, into Canada, and around through Greenwood, Midway, and back into Osoyoos.
     What a beautiful ride. The weather was GORGEOUS, winding along the river was serene, and we saw lots of wildlife.
     It was so strange...we would see these dark clouds off in the distance that we were headed, but it was like the sun gods were with us, as everywhere we rode, the clouds would open up and the sun would shine down on us. CRAZY.
     We saw lots of wildlife, including a hawk who tried to swoop us, and a couple of deer that we had to actually stop in the road because they wouldn't move.
     We came back through Oroville and took the old highway down past Tonasket (Janis Bridge).
     It was so nice and relaxing. Then, when we came home we crashed out on the trampoline, perfect ending to a perfect day.
     Yesterday, we worked in the yard, cleaned house, did a little of this and that, and then BBQed with our friend. REALLY nice and laid back day and evening. SIGH.
     And, that brings us to today. I know that the week is going to rev up and out of control, but I am going to hold onto this calm as long as I can.
     It also makes me very hopeful for this summer. I am excited to relax a bit and accomplish some of the things I want to do.
     I already have a workout set up for my cheerleaders starting June 11, and I plan to attend my first Weight Watchers meeting on June 13.
      AND, I plan on relaxing and having lots of time just like this weekend!

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