Monday, March 19, 2012

I love MONDAYS :)))

192.8 last week
190.8 this week
Loss of 2 pounds (which I had gained last week)

Goals for this week...
Drink 100 ounces of water! I have been slacking on this goal. I did this today!!! YEAH 125 ounces :)

Lose two pounds. I want to be concrete in this to find a more serious focus this week. I have bought some super cute clothes to wear in Vegas, and I am even thinking about buying a new swimsuit!!!

I am also going to eat VERY low carbs/high protein this week at least, and maybe next week, too. I planned out all of our meals this week! I have everything prepped and in snack packs. I am READY!! I might do ONE day of allowing for carbs, and for me that would be this Sunday because I am making lasagna for my son's girlfriend's birthday :) It's her favorite dinner!

OK, so my carbs for today were much higher than expected. I am shocked at how many carbs are in FRUIT!!

I also plan to exercise at least an hour a day, but it looks like my schedule is going to allow for twice a day!!! I hope so :) I DID EXERCISE TWICE TODAY :))

I am feeling way better. The 2000mg of antibiotics a day is truly helping in that. I want to run outside so badly, but the doctor said I need to wait until I am completely cleared up. No burning lungs, she said!

I feel like I have two weeks to work hard, because I am going to have fun on my vacation!! I do plan to exercise, but I also plan to eat and drink WHATEVER I want :)) I do believe I hear a fried Twinkie calling my name!!!! Then when I come back, it's all business for my half-marathon in April!!

So, here is the link to my tracker from My Fitness Pal. If you are interested in looking at what I eat (for ideas or whatever) just contact me, and I will give you my special code :)

Today was a good day! I did eat some GS cookies, but I also worked really hard today. I like how the MFP tracker tells me that if every day is like today, I will weigh 171.3 in 5 weeks! THAT is totally inspiring :))

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