Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching up

Feels like lately I have been catching up a lot. I have been busy! And, then to add onto things, I got sick on Friday :(

The last blog was on Thursday. Friday I started getting sick :( I did still get up in the morning and do my Spinning class, which rocked, but as the day went on I felt horrible. So, I didn't exercise in the afternoon. So, for my weekend--I worked out Friday morning, and then I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday. That's the longest I have gone with not exercising, but boy I feel cruddy. I'm going back to working out tomorrow, and I am feeling a little better this afternoon.

Food--I ate really good Thursday. I ate pizza on Friday night, and prime rib (two helpings), but no oysters on Saturday. Today I have been eating OK. I just haven't eaten much today because I don't feel so swell. Fruits and veggies have been right on. But, I have also eaten some sweets since Friday, including a medium Blizzard last night!

Water--I have been doing better, and making my 100 ounces Friday-Sunday, and quite frankly, I think that's part of why this sickness isn't going to last!!! I feel like I am kicking it quickly (hope so, at least).

Vitamins - UGH. I forgot to take them Friday and Saturday :( But, I will take them tonight :))) I WILL. I WILL. I WILL.

I feel like I have been in a bit of a holding pattern (nothing wrong with holding, but it doesn't feel like it is getting me closer to my goal, though it's not taking me farther away either) the past two weeks, so I plan on changing up some things this week! I am going to be REALLY strict on my eating for the week. No more than 1200 calories, writing AND blogging everything, making sure that I am back on track. In the exercise world, I am going to start light weights this week, and I am going to do something I saw on The Biggest Loser regarding plateaus. I am going to do some of my stuff backwards. For instance, I am going to do my cardio in reverse. So, like on the elliptical, but backwards. I am also going to start light weight training, which is another trick to trick your body :)

I am headed to Vegas in three weeks, and my goal is to lose 10 pounds by then!!! I know I can do it :) It's exactly the snap I need to get out of my in-a-rut pattern holding!!!

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