Sunday, April 15, 2012


My goodness it has been FAR too long! I haven't blogged since March 19th! ZOIKS! What has happened? I missed you, dear readers!

Well, as I had previously blogged, March was MADNESS :) Good, though! HAPPY and busy and full of lots of fun!! April and May are looking much the same, of course, right?! But, then it will be SUMMER!!!!

OK, so a couple of observations:
1) I don't eat as healthy when I am not blogging. It's all in the accountability factor, I think. Really I did pretty good for the month of March minus GS cookies. Then I ENJOYED my vacay, and really this past week home feels like I am on a slippery slope of not eating healthy.
2) I did go on vacation to Vegas, which I gained 4 pounds on vacay, and lost it in the next week I was home!
3) I have fallen off the water wagon. I just have not been drinking even close to enough water.
4) I AM SUPER proud of how well I have been keeping up with my exercise. I have been doing my cardio religiously! I get up and go early in the morning! And, many weeks I have been double cardio-ing it, by also doing it in the afternoon.
5) I will log my weight in tomorrow. I know that I have gained some since Mid-March. BUT, I know it would have been lots more, if I had not been keeping up with the exercise!
6)It is so easy to slide back into bad habits :(

GOALS for this week:
1) BLOG each day! Gonna blog my calories and exercise and whatnot.
2) DRINK MY WATER! Goal of 75 ounces a day.
3) Continue my cardio every morning, but add in the Cardio Power class, which includes weights! I want to go to the class twice this week.
4) FINISH my half-marathon in less than 4 hours on Saturday!
5) Take my vitamins! I haven't taken them since the night before we headed out to Vegas!

So, I am backed, and now I have some REFOCUS, so here we go! See-ya tomorrow :)

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