Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday :)

Today was awesome! And, you know what? I love the rain, and at my school we have skylights, so it sounds so AMAZING!!

I started my morning off with playing racquetball! I am so excited that I have a new partner to play with, and she can play early in the morning!! And, having all of that fun, I burn big time calories! It goes by so fast!!!! I also went for a walk when there was a break in the downpour and a break in conferences! It was so refreshing to be outside, and the air felt clean and fresh!! LOVELY, and some extra calories, GONESO!

I did have my vitamins :) I feel like I am on a roll!
I drank 75 ounces of water, and it was a struggle to do that.

Calories IN = 1398
Calories OUT = 610
Net Calories = 788

What went in...
2 poached eggs – 156
Green salsa- 10
Coffee- 110

Boca chicken patty - 160
LC Cheese (I melted this on the chicken patty)- 35

celery - 20
LC Cheese - 35
2 oranges - 130

butterfinger candybar - 280 --mid-afternoon CHOCOLATE craving!!

potato- 160
cheese - 110
blue cheese dressing - 40
bbq sauce - 40
orange juice - 112

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