Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fresh start Monday.

First things first! WEIGH-IN...
I weigh 199.
I was up to 204 (on the vacay).
Then down to 201 in just three days home.
And, now down 2 more. SO, I am definitely back on track and out of the nasty 200s. BUT, in reality, I had a blast! I wasn't worried about what ate, when I ate it, or what kind of movement I had going on in my life, and I think that's EXACTLY the way vacation should be :) NOW BACK TO THE REAL WORLD!

I drank 75 ounces of water, but it felt like a struggle!
I did take my vitamins.
I went crazy on chocolate during my yearbook celebration.
And, then I had a snack attack this afternoon.
I didn't get up in the morning to exercise...but, I made up for it in the evening! I did my first Group Power class, which is a weight lifting and cardio class! And, it ROCKED! Plus I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes before the class. EXERCISE this evening was DEFINITELY the highlight of my HEALTH for the day!

CALORIES IN= 1771 (UGH! My trainer did tell me I should be shooting for 1600, but it feels so much more than 1200! And, I did let my afternoon snack attack get the best of me, but I WROTE IT ALL DOWN!)
CALORIES OUT = 725(yeah, for my heart rate monitor!)

Whole wheat English muffin -130
Poached egg – 78
1 tsp of Miracle Whip, 1 tsp o f honey mustard – 30
1 ½ teaspoon of cherry preserve- 25
Coffee – sf/ff- 110

M&Ms-1/4cup of peanut M&Ms- 220
2 mini-packages of M&M – 140 (70 each)
Zucchini - 20
LC cheese- 35

½ egg salad sandwich – (70 for bread, 45 for egg salad) – 115
English muffin – 130
Cherry preserves- 50
Thin mint cookie x 4-160 (THANK goodness these are almost gone!)
Cheese-its- 150

Pork loin-178
Salad -60 (with dressing and veggies)

Definitely this writing it down again makes me think about it!!!

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