Saturday, November 21, 2009


     Sooooooooooo long! Too long!! I haven't blogged in almost three months. The longest I have ever gone, for sure.
     Life has been hectic, as per my usual. BUT, things seem to be at least to a simmer, so here I am again :)
     Life is good. Busy, but good. So much to catch up on, but I almost feel overwhelmed at the prospect, given the amount of time. My plan is to try and get back into the swing of blogging, though I haven't truly decided what that means yet.
     Could be a daily or weekly thing...I will just wait and see what happens :)
     It has been so long that I couldn't remember my password, LOL!!
     I am going to do my best to weigh in on the scale on Monday. I know that won't be good news, but I gotta start somewhere!
     For now, I want to leave you with a new site I discovered...It's simply shocking, I think!