Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's get those walking shoes out!!!

     I am TOTALLY stoked about the Mid-Valley Autumn Leaf Run. It totally reminds me of the Autumn Leaf Walk, Run, and Roll from up in Leavenworth.
     Last month my cheerleaders signed up as a team, and also our mascot received an invitation to come and be a part of the entertainment!
     What I really like about the event is that it is free, and they ask for a donation of canned food to go to our local food bank.
You can still register, and could do so right up until 8:30 this Saturday! Check out the link right HERE!
     I did blog about it back in summer, and I am a tad bit disappointed that I did not train for running/jogging the 5K, but that's OK, because I could be not even going, but I AM, and I inspired a bunch of young ladies to do so, too!

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