Thursday, May 22, 2008


     As some of you know, I am/was in the process of writing a novel. Well, I have two novel ideas, but only one have I started, and it was last summer when I began it.
     I am eager to return to it, as soon as school is out. I am even thinking about posting chapters on my other blog weekly... We shall see.
     Definitely it is one of my SUMMER goal to finish the novel I have started. I know that may not seem to do with health, but it does connect perfectly in that it is my spiritual and mental health - I love to write!
     What are my other goals for these soon-to-be summer months, you ask?
     Lose 20 pounds by September 1st; that's the goal, but I would really like to lose 31, so I would return to school under 200 pounds.
     I am going to go on many hikes this summer, some more leisurely and that will include the little one, and others with my hiking girls! We might even ressurect our hiking weekend, good times camping out!!
     But, for sure, I have some specific BIG hikes I am planning (more to come on that).
     I am planning a couple of big events that I will definitely give you more details on soon.
     I want to work up to jogging/running and be able to run a 5K. As a matter of fact, I am going to register for the Autumn Leaf Run. First off, I think it's cool that they are in their 8th year! And, it totally reminds me of the Autumn Leaf Walk, Run, and Roll event up in Leavenworth.
      We are definitely camping more this summer. I think it will be nice to stay sort of close (there are so many amazing places in our vicinity for us to camp), but we will still feel like we are escaping the hub bub of life.
     My little one and I are going to take horesback riding lessons. I am soooo excited for this. I am thrilled to learn all about horses and to do so with my step-daughter.
     Besides the goals and things I want to accomplish this summer, we have some fun plans, too. We will have at least one big trip (thinking the ocean), and maybe even go on it with Rick's brother's family.
      We plan on visiting Cody, and maybe my sister and parents who all live in Vegas.
      We will be spending more time with Rick's oldest daughter and her beautiful children!!
      I know we also have lots of little side trips (airshow, motorcycle rides, visits to Spokane to see Munkey, etc.).
      I am on the countdown! Only ten days of school left!

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