Tuesday, May 13, 2008


     Although I am dreading weigh-in tomorrow, and I am just feeling heavy (still retaining water, pitting edema).
     Really I am not dreading the weigh-in, but I have a feeling I will have gained some weight. I just haven't been vigilant about things this past couple of weeks.
     This past week I don't feel like I have exercised as hard (maybe as much, but just not the intensity level). I haven't taken my vitamins nor consumed enough water.
     BUT, what's good about the weekly weigh-in is that it will kick me in the butt to get things back in gear! I think it will be good motivation, and I will definitely update you to me.
     But, even with all of that, I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I had a shirt I wore on February 29th (a week before I stared WW), and I couldn't button it, nope, not happening.
     This morning I tried it on, and I could button it, and I had tons of room!!!!



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