Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sign of success...

     I am wearing a pair of pants that I couldn't wear since last year!! It feels so good to have them on and be able to breathe while wearing them!!
     I did pull out some of my summer clothes, and they are pretty loose, so I will be asking for new summer stuff for my b-day.
     Yesterday, we were talking about our last advisory session with kids and about making summer goals.
     I, too, am writing down my summer goals. I am not finished yet, but I will give you one of the goals right now.
     I will lose 20 pounds before I come back to school at the end of August! That's my concrete goal, but I would really like to lose between now and then 31 because then I would be under 200. BUT, for now I am shooting for 20, and we will just see what happpens.
     Have a SUPER Thursday, and be healthy!

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