Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick update!

     This has been a hectic day beyond belief. I have lots of blogging to do both here and on my other one, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
     I just wanted to give you a quick update!! I am a grandma again!! My step-daughter had her son tonight, and we drove up to see him!! He is soooooo beautiful.
     Holding him makes you think about what really counts in life, makes you realize that the little things or even annoying things...they don't matter!
     I had a meeting today after school, and then I had Weight Watchers, and I am happy to report that I lost.
     Not a big loss, but I lost .8 of a pound, which the big news is that I am now UNDER 230!!!! I weigh 229.2 with at total of 23.4 pounds. And, I will take it!!!!!!!
     The rest of the group: 5.6, 3.4, 2.8, .8(me), .4. I call that a good week!!
     Then tonight we also had our little one's graduation from Montessori. I am sad to see us leave that school!!!
     More to come, pics and all :) Tomorrow, promise.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I came across your blog while looking at the Omak chronicle. Just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are...congratulations on your road to health and wellness. You look great!

tRiShA said...

Thanks. It's been a long road, but finally I feel like I really know where I am going :)