Sunday, June 1, 2008

15 more miles added to the trip!

     The Sunday update: This week I didn't have nearly the amount of exercise that I should, but I still did some moving. I only have 15 miles in for this week, all walking.
     I know this next week will be a little busy, too, but I am SOOOOO excited for next week because I won't have school, and I know I will have more time to exercise!! Woo hoo!!
     At this point, fifteen miles down Highway 84 doesn't really put me much anywhere (so, I didn't update my map), but I am headed down the road to Hermiston and Pendleton. I can't wait to arrive in both of those towns, as my boys and I have some fond memories in those places. So, hopefully next week!!
     This summer, I am going to try for one week to have 100 miles!! I am totally serious about it!
     I haven't done any interval training since last Sunday, so that didn't go as planned, but I am hoping that this summer (in just another week), I can get back there! I am also looking forward to working out at the gym at school!

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