Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woo hoo, almost the weekend!

     OH! That's right, I am on constant weekend mode, tee hee! That's for Rick and also my good friend Mick who both have what I call SUMMER JEALOUSY!
     They both know I work my patootie off during the school year, and that I work far more than 40 hours a week then, and that I deserve my summer break! BUT, they both pout when summer rolls around!!
     Mick always sends me a text really early on the first day of summer break, but this year...I was up exercising!
     Anyhow, we have a fun family trip planned for this weekend, and I can't wait!!!
     Today I am doing great on eating and drinking water. We went for a LONG walk/jog (kids on bikes - me on foot)! We went for four miles, but we had several hills (this even meant pushing the bike).
     We went after Rick came home for lunch, so in addition to burning calories for the exercise we were all toasty and sweaty because of the warm weather (woo hoo).
     We also went over to a friend's house this afternoon for a play date, and I shared with my friend some specific exercises to tone the triceps.
     And, all the packing and organizing for the trip...that equals lots of sweating, too :)
     My muscles are STILL sore from Monday, so once again I blew it by going to hard and too fast right at the get go.
     I am starting over on weights next week, and I plan on going LIGHT weights with more reps.
     Well, I probably won't blog again until Sunday. So, I hope you have a SUPER weekend!!

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