Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best Birthday EVER!

     My birthday is a week from today, and I can't wait!! I am already excited for giving myself the present of health (losing weight and exercising..woo hoo), and I can't wait to see just what's wrapped up inside here. Just imagine what it could be next year at this time!!!
     I love birthdays!! I do! Anyhow, this year Ricky asked me what I most wanted, and we decided to pack up the family and go to Silverwood for my birthday this year! Well, we aren't going on my actual b-day, but close to it, and it will be FUN!
     We also invited Rick's oldest son who lives in Spokane, and hopefully he will be able to join us for part of the time.
     And, Rick's brother's family are coming with us, too! It will be good times for everyone.
     Hopefully the weather will be better! At least we have a little while until then.
     Write now I am working on either a cold or allergies, not sure which. Just know that I feel kind of icky. Thankfully no headache, but I am pretty foggy. I even wrote a poem about it! It's the one titled, "Am I allergic to you?"
     Needless to say, I am not feeling overly motivated to work out. I need to get to it! I am little nervous for my weigh in tomorrow!

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