Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy BIRTHDAY to me :O)

     I am excited for today!! It's my birthday!!
     I have already had fun phone calls with beautiful serenades (thanks Cody and Lorri), and lots of texts (with music) and happy birthday calls (sans singing). I feel loved!
     My mom is so cute, she texted me right at the minute I was born 37 years ago!!!
     Yesterday the cards started rolling in, and I am excited to go to the post office today. Of course, my absolute favorite cards were the homemade ones I received this morning when I woke up!!! I cherish those!
     I even got a free coffee at Starbucks this morning (only because they were having a tough time making my coffee), and I considered that as an indirect birthday present!! LOL.
     I have lots planned for today, even in spite of the rain and SNOW!! And, of course, that includes EXERCISE! I will update you on that later tonight or tomorrow morning.
     I am glad to be alive!! I am happy that I have made this commitment to health because I plan on being around for a LONG time and celebrating many more birthdays. That's the BEST gift I could ever give myself!!
     P.S. Yesterday I drank all my water!! Lately I have not been meeting my water quota, but I am back on track now!! Woo hoo!

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