Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow...

     I have been teaching an outdoor class this week in Conconully, and I have had such a blast!
     We have been cooking our meals on the campfire and eating lots of healthy, nutritious snacks.
     At first the teenagers were a bit skeptical of my affirmation that the healthy stuff would give them more energy.
     But, today one of the boys said he thought I might be right because he doesn't feel hungry and he doesn't feel like he is eating as much as when he eats his normal diet of junk food.
     For lunch on the first day we made pita pizzas. They were delicious! We split open whole wheat pitas, added a little bit of spaghetti sauce, reduced shredded cheese, and pepperoni (I used turkey).
     I have been wearing my pedometer out there, and the first day I walked 5000 steps (2 1/2 miles), and today I logged 8000 steps (4 miles), and tomorrow we are slated for a long hike, so I will have at least 10,000 steps for just while I am "working."
     We are also reading Into the Wild. This has been interesting as our focus is really about unplugging and also appreciating nature.
     What's amazing is that when I give the kids a short break, guess what their choice of activity is? They play tag on the big toy! They are just little kids in big bodies.
     I like that we have had time to read and write and discuss life; it's been a rewarding class, both as a teacher and as a learner (I learn from the kids each day.).
     I am excited about tomorrow's hike!

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