Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good news and bad news!

     OK, I am not going to call it bad news, but rather a reality check! I gained 2.4 pounds tonight! Grrrr...that was not surprising.
     I am glad I didn't skip the weigh-in or give them that little you don't have to weigh coupon because I know that it keeps me honest.
     The funny thing is that I am not really upset about it (other than drifting back into the two thirties), but I feel VERY motivated!
     I haven't had a gain like this the entire time we have been doing Weight Watchers, so feel good about that.
     Results for the group: One person lost 2.6 (This gal has lost over 40 pounds!!!!), another lost .4, another gained 2, and I am waiting on one more gal.
     Good news? Besides riding my bike this morning, we all went bowling again this afternoon. I LOVE BOWLING!!! It's a blast. And, we have quite the bowlers in the family! We all improved our scores from yesterday even.
     It's fun because we have another family that also has come with us both days. Good times!
     We also took our first horseback riding lessons this monring, and those burn calories, too! We had soooo much fun at lessons! I can't wait to go back!!! I learned a lot, and I even built up more confidence as far as horses go.
     For sure, it made me want to find us a perfect horse, what my instructor called a lady's horse: gentle, patient, even tempered.
     SO, now I can't wait until the next weigh-in. I predict a BIG number!!!

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