Monday, June 9, 2008

Yesterday continued...

     Our day consisted of THREE parks/playgrounds, two different beaches, and I ended it with working out at the gym last night with Jordie.
     First, we discovered a unique and interesting place today! Just below Wells Dam there is a public fishing access road.
     We decided to explore down this road which nestles in between rows of an orchard!
     In the end, we found an incredible beach, hidden from everyone unless you are searching it out!
     It reminded me of an ocean beach, with waves breaking on the sandy shore littered by driftwood. VERY cool, and just a special place to us now.
     Then we headed to Lake Chelan. We played at the city park for over an hour! I ran up and down the slide, which is a decent workout, and of course, swinging, that works the legs, too! Good times!
     At the end of the evening, Jordie and I went to work out at the school weight room. It was nice because it was just us and one other kid.
     Anyhow, I forgot how much I LOVE to lift weights! I knew that I was going to start as soon as school was out, and I am so glad that we did!!!
     It was funny though because my arms felt like noodles when we were done. I started my weight routine out with chest and triceps. Wednesday I will do shoulders and biceps, and Thursday I will do legs, and I work abs every time.
     That's the schedule for this week, but next week, I will get on the Mon/Wed/Fri schedule.
     I also added in more cardio last night on an upright bike, but I didn't like that nearly as much as my recumbent!
      All in all, the first day of summer break rocked for me!!

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