Monday, June 9, 2008

1st day of Summer Break!

     We did sleep in a little bit, but I got up shortly after Rick left for work and just had some quiet time in the house before the day got raring up to go!
     We celebrated with homemade waffles, and we even took some down to Rick at work!
     Then we headed off to walk at Eastside, and I was a bit leery because of the blasphemous mosquitoes. Thankfully they were not interested in us, and we logged our time without a single bite!
     I have figured out the key to easy interval training!! Follow kids on bikes!! I jogged, walked, jogged, raced (those darn bikes always won, though), walked, etc.
     Then I called the City of Omak to find out exactly how long the walk is there. As you walk there are all sorts of markings on the pavement, but it's hard to figure out exaclty what is what.
     The City didn't know for sure, at least no one that was in the office when I called. Then I called the visitors center, and they told me it was definitely and exactly half a mile once around.
     If that's so, we clocked two miles today, and just had a fun time doing so.
     Then we headed to the sports complex to play on the playground and scope out their walking set-up.
     We have lots more planned for the day, so stay tuned. I also need to update the miles for last week, as I didn't do that yesterday. I will later tonight.

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