Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hit the road running!

     I have lots to catch you up on! Thursday for lunch I reconnected with my friend Dee. That's been one of my goals this summer, to search out some of my friends that I care about deeply, but we have lost touch.
     We had a yummy lunch from one of my favorite places, Wallwebbers. I grabbed Dee the special, and I had the best ever veggie sandwich also known as the Cool as a Cucumber.
      What I love about eating healthy is that IF you look, you can find good and healthy choices, even when eating out!
     Friday morning I was up early to ride the bike and then to head down to Wenatchee. I love going down there!
      I did eat a 5 point Sammy (a little sandwich from Quiznos), and I loved it. I love that smaller portions do fill me up nowadays.
      I returned home, and we headed up to the storage unit to grab stuff for a yard sale. We loaded up the truck, and I am glad to report that we have less than one truckload of stuff, all in tubs, left up there. (We are moving all of that this next week, and NO more storage!!)
      We set-up the yard sale, and that was a good work out! My biggest goal was getting rid of stuff!!! We didn't have any big items, just TONS of clothes and little stuff.
      Saturday we had our yard sale, which ended up a nice time to read, too. (I am totally into my book!!!)
      In the afternoon, after we sold stuff and made some good money, we decided to not pack up, and just leave it all out there for today.
      We then headed to the Demolition Derby and lawnmower races! That's always a good time, too. We sat with friends, and we had a nice time out.
      Then when we returned home last night, Rick's brother from Seattle was here! That was a pleasant surprise!!
      Today, I did not do any working out, except running and playing outside with the kids. We played tag and jumped on the trampoline for a long time.
      OH! I almost forgot to tell you that I had the pleasure of listening to a group that is riding their bikes from coast to coast! They were here in Omak! Very cool considering what I am virtually doing! Here is the link to one of the rider's blogs about their trip including pics of Omak! Also, here is the official blog for the Sea to See Ride Across America from Washington to Maine.
      It's been a VERY good week :)Check out my other blog for some other stuff, not related to exercise and food!

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