Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend RECAP

     Let's catch up from the weekend! Well, we went on a family vacation to Silverwood!
     It was one of the best trips ever! We had tons of fun, and lots of family time :)
     I wore a pedometer the first day when we headed off to Silverwood to ride all the rides. I logged in over 10,000 steps! That's actually five miles!!
     We ate really healthy while we were there, and I wanted to save money, so I made a bunch of our food ahead of time and packed it in the ice chest.
     We would walk over to our campsite and eat a yummy and healthy lunch or dinner and then walk back over to the park! That's the great part about camping right there.
     I also packed in nutritious snacks and water, which we just refilled at the fountains. What was good about this is that we weren't on sugar highs and lows and we had tons of energy to just go and go all day long!
     We did have one snack both days from in the park, so that was a nice treat. On the second day we had ice cream, and the cone Rick ordered looked like it had a half-gallon of ice cream on it! I bought the kid size, which was still gi-normous, but it was a nice treat.
     Each night we dragged ourselves back to the campsite, following behind our still energized kiddos! HOW do they have all that energy anyhow?
     We would watch a movie on the computer (The sites all have full hook-ups.), read, and relax. It was really cozy and comfy and I LOVE those times just as much as running around the park all day.
     The weather was PERFECT while we were over there. A little wind on Friday, but sunny and warm, but not too hot!
     On Friday we didn't have to wait for any rides! That was crazy to me because when I used to take the boys when they were younger, we had LONG lines for all the rides. I guess we had the perfect timing!
     On Saturday I did not wear the pedometer because we headed to the water park. What a fun place!!
     We loved all the slides, especially Avalanche Mountain which was a family ride where we all were on a tube going down a slide together.
     I must confess. To the chagrin and amusement of my family, I am a SCREAMER!! When I am nervous I laugh and scream!! So, lots of screaming and laughing on all the rides.
     We played in the water park for half the day, and really it wasn't that warm (not that the kids seemed to mind, of course), so I was glad when we headed over to the campsite to change and eat and then back over to the ride side of the park.
     The nice thing about the water park is that you had tons of walking and lots of uphill or up stairs walking. Also, we really liked the wave pool, which is a gi-normous swimming pool that simulates the ocean with HUGE waves. I could feel my leg muscles really working to keep me steady while playing with the kids.
     The rides were fun, and I have determined that we are a family of adrenline junkies. Well, everyone except Rick. He didn't really like the roller coaster rides like the rest of us did.
     We rode the roller coasters probably close to 20 times! And, the roller coasters are FUN and huge. They also have a new one that will be up and going in July, and it looks freaky.
     I even went on the Panic Drop, which was this machine that you sit in, and your legs hang down below you, and then it takes you up 180 feet!!! Then it drops you down quickly.
     I, of course, screamed the entire time, which had everyone on the ride and watching the ride (lots of bystanders because the ride is incredible) laughing (glad I can be entertainment).
     I figure all that screaming, laughing, and riding coasters (besides all the walking) must have burnt some serious calories!!
     Even though we did drag Rick on some of the coasters a couple of times, he was a real trooper for going on the spin rides. I can't do those anymore :(
     All in all, water consumption, exercise, eating were perfect this past weekend! But, the best was our family fun!!!!!!
     And, we are already planning a trip back in August maybe! Now, I can't wait for Disney Land, which will be a trip next summer!

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