Monday, June 23, 2008

We had fun today!

     We were quite active today with bowling and swimming! And, we even squeezed in a nap this afternoon!
     I love bowling, and the kids are fun to watch. I used to bowl in a league MANY years ago, so I always think about that when we bowl.
     Then we had a private swim lesson and lap swim for almost an hour this evening. It was an awesome workout!
     I love swimming because you don't feel your weight, and you burn calories while you are having fun.
     And, in the middle of the day, we snuck in a nap. I don't do that often, but we were reading in bed, and next thing I know it, we are waking up and hurrying around to go swimming.
     It was a busy but restful day. Now we look forward to tomorrow!

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Mike Scott said...

This is great Trisha! Keep up the great work. And thanks for your support as my team is riding across the US to raise money and awareness for Youth for Christ.