Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This next Sunday evening

      I am planning to just add last weeks 15 miles to this week's and make a mile update on my map this upcoming Sunday evening.
      So far this week, I have been working hard! Monday I logged 7 miles total. Yesterday I had 8, and this morning, I have rode 7 miles on the bike, but we have more exercise to go today!
      My muscles were not sore yesterday morning, and I thought they would be because I had not lifted in so long. Ahhhh...but, here is the rub: They started hurting last night, and today I am REALLY sore!
      But, I feel good!!!!! I feel strong!!!!
      I have a BBQ tonight, and I plan on making good choices, since I am back on track!
      Well, we are off to enjoy this sunny day! I will write more later today to share all the fun things we are doing :)

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