Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another great day in the books!

     We are 100% enjoying this summer! Today our private swim lesson was changed because of a swim meet, but we just switched to a different time that lap swim was offered.
     I woke up this morning and the muscles in my arms and upper back felt tight, not painful, but definitely used.
     That was from swimming yesterday! What a great workout. I love to swim.
     Swimming is nice because you can have an intense workout, and it's easy to interval train.
     There is something about being in the water that makes me feel all relaxed. You are weightless, for one. And, all of your movement feels easy even though you have resistance from the water.
     Yesterday I watched an aerobics class while I was swimming laps. It looked fun, too.
     We also went today to the Farmers' Market. We bought yummy snow peas, my favorite!
     I must confess. We planned on going bowling this afternoon, but instead ended up reading and having another cat-nap!
     I am looking forward to a busy tomorrow!

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