Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebration food--too much celebrating!

     At last night's end of the year BBQ, I celebrated too much in the eating department. I ate two plates full of various salads, beans, and desserts. BAD, bad, bad.
     But, I just decided that even one weekend of eating too much is NOT going to be the end of the world. Even if I gain this upcoming week, I can lose it right away.
     I did take smaller portions, and IF I would've stuck with the one plate, then it wouldn't have been so bad.
     I did also drink three beers which are definitely empty calories. By the way, I read a SUPERB article in this month's Women's Health Magazine about light beers. They have an online version of the article, but in the slideshow format. Of course, this info is for all of you 21-and older readers out there :)
     And, now we are off for another party. The one big difference between tonight and last night is that all day yesterday I ate NOTHING, so I was famished by the time the food started at the party. I did not count points, and I have no clue how many I consumed. BUT, I do have the 35 extra points a week.
     At tonight's party, at least I had a good lunch (Ricky and I went to Subway), so I don't feel like a starving lunatic.
     Thank goodness every weekend is not filled with CELEBRATIONS!! LOL.
     It does, though, make me think about get togethers and eating. When I host a bbq, I like to make sure there are lots of healthy options!
     I know for our upcoming Silverwood trip that I am packing all healthy food!! It's about planning and purposeful choices.
     I did walk today, rather short, not sure the mileage, but I walked with the cheerleaders through the Okanogan Days Parade.
     It was so fun to see everyone out! And, thank goodness the weather was decent. Last year I thought we might die with how hot it was!!!
     Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I do tonight!

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