Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book club!

     I can blog about my book club here (as opposed to my other blog) because it is VERY relevant to anyone interested in healthy living.
     The book was fantastic! I love Barbara Kingsolver, and I have read mostly her fiction work, and this was a non-fiction book.
     I highly recommend reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.
     I love the premise of the book, and although I am not in a place in life that I could do what she and her family did, I do like the little things I can do to improve my life and this world.
     I am impressed with how things have improved in our world. It's kind of amazing that organic foods are offered at regular grocery stores now. Even if sometimes they "stretch" the meaning of organic.
     This year we have a nice garden (squash, pumpkins, corn, green peppers, sunflowers, and lots of herbs!) planted, and I am thinking about starting another one, that would be just a salsa garden.
     This book was quite inspiring, and it just makes you think about food. It reminded me of how I felt after reading Fast Food Nation.
     That book inspired us to not eat fast food anymore. We do eat Subway, but outside of that, we do not eat ANY other fast food.
     I would love to have a community garden here in the Omak/Okanogan area, and I do know of one that I am going to investigate.
     As well, I think it's very important that we support our local farmers. We can buy at fruit stands, and the farmers' market, as well as even buying shares in our local community supported agriculture (CSA).
     Definitely the book is worth reading!!

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