Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still on the trip...

     This week counting my 9 miles in one night, I have 29 miles total! It puts me just 7 miles west of Hood River.
     On the map, you will see some new places that I have marked. First off, I marked the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. I have visited there once, and now blogging on this virtual trip, I realize how much I would like to go back and visit again. I think I will have to organize a girl trip in that direction.
     I was thinking about making a Women's hiking trip, and we could have a day at the spa as the reward!!
     I would like to hike Mt. Defiance!! I guess you can see all the big mountains around you, and it sounds like a challenge. Good summer plan, for sure!
     I also added the Bonneville Dam, the Cascade Locks, and Viento State Park along the route. I am technically about 6 miles east of Viento.
     Totally check out the Cascade Locks link, as it tells you all about the Bridge of Gods!
     I just love all of these places because they are such rich in history and geography!
     This virtual tour is making me itchy for a real one! I think we are headed to the ocean again, and I have a surprise trip or two up my sleeve, too!
     I am pretty motivated this week to rack up at least 30 miles, as life is, hold on to your pants here, but life is SLOWING down.

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