Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where in the world is Trisha now?

     This week I have 20 miles logged not counting the walking on the trip to Seattle. I don't know how to count that exactly since I don't have a pedometer.
     I know I walked at least 3 miles, so that's what I will go with a total of 23 miles for this week.
     This basically takes me to about five miles west of Bonneville, Oregon. I have some very fun things coming up on this road!
     One place that we just went through is Multnomah Falls.
I love this place! I have hiked these falls more times than I can remember. I have one memory where I went with my best friend, and that was one of the best road trips ever. I have even taken my boys there. The falls are just beautiful. I also have a good friend who loves the falls so much that she commissioned an artist to paint the falls on her wall in her house.

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