Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holding steady

I was feeling "fat" today, even though I tried on a shirt this morning that I wore to the preschool auction that I could not button, and now I can.

I did not lose any weight or gain any weight this week. I wasn't too surprised because I had not exercised as much as I would have liked and do normally.

Just been crazy busy. I need to get on the morning mode of exercising again because that is when I can make it happen and not worry about the busy day that sometimes gets in the way.

So, I had a zero. One person lost 2.8 (biggest loser), another 1.6, and another gained (not sure how much), and I don't see the other regular in our group or our newbie.

It's definitely a big difference from our results last week, and that's why I am really OK with this week because I know next week will be better, and I know this is all about the journey, and for me it's a long one.

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