Sunday, May 25, 2008

31 more miles!

      I have mostly been walking, less riding the recumbent bike because I want to get outside!! I need to have my road bike tuned-up, ASAP!
      I love walking in the evening in my neighborhood, as it smells scrumptious with all the bbqs going!
      And, the flowers are delightful, too!
      So, this week I walked 31 miles! That takes me to just past The Dalles, OR and through one of my favorite places Hood River!
     I could sit on the bank and watch the windsurfers for hours on end. I can see why they call it the Wind Surfing Capital of the World!
     After leaving there and continuing along the river, I end up in The Dalles.
     First thing I think is interesting about this place is that it is NOT called Dalles, Oregon, but rather THE Dalles, Oregon.
     I remember as a young girl, when we drove from California to Washington, driving our caravan of vehicles and stuff through the Dalles. I had lived for many years in Texas (before California), so I liked the name of the town because it reminded me of Dallas, Texas.
     The Dalles is known for being the end of the Oregon Trail. But, really it's a place of tons of recreational opportunities! Check out the Columbia River Gorge, need I say more??
     I can't wait for summer vacation! All of this virtual world inspires me for the real world opportunities that are waiting for me!

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