Sunday, May 25, 2008

I just had the best walk/jog EVER!

      I love walking up here on the flats; it's a totally different feel than in my in town neighborhood in Okanogan.
      What I like the most: fragrant flowers, growing gardens, farm animals galore (horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs), cute houses, cuter landscaping ideas, and birds everywhere serenading me.
      I do have this fascination about birds, and I want to learn more about them, so I can identify any bird I see. I did see some that I don't know, but I also saw goldfinches, quail, killdeer, robins, turkey buzzards, and crows.
      Now, to the walk. I was planning on walking for three minutes and then jogging for a minute, with those intervals all the way through my walk of two and half miles.
      I don't have a digital watch (asking for a runner's watch for my b-day), so I was trying to use my phone, and that was not working very well.
      I ditched the time idea (until I have the proper equipment), and instead I did the distance thing. I walked for three telephone poles, and then jogged for two, and alternated that pattern until the very end where I jogged for three and walked for two.
      I felt really good, strong, and stinky! My goal is to do this outside interval training every other day. With all the reading I have done about running, I know that I shouldn't do it every day until I work up to that.
      I did a thorough job of stretching before and after my walk/jog, what I think I am going to start calling my wog.
      Something I noticed, an observation, if you will. I found that the interval training outside felt different than when I do the same on the treadmill, eliptical, or recumbent bike. I talked with my girlfriend, and we both think that maybe it's related to the mental aspect of it all.
      When you are interval training outside, you see where you are jogging and where you are walking, but inside and stationary, you just change pace. I don't know...
      My plan is on the interim days to go for a good walk or bike ride. On this plan, I will absolutely be ready for the 5K in October!

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