Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Delightful and Delicious!!!

Delightful and delicious!

OK, I know this recipe has been around for apparently forever, but it’s new (and news) to me! It’s called the Diet Soda Cake! But, since I live in the North and not the South anymore, I will call it the Diet Pop Cake!

My friend Barb Orr makes the recipe often, and she shared some of it with me last week, so on Monday night I made my own!

Basically you take a cake mix (and, buyer beware not all cake mixes are the same in calorie content) and add a can of diet pop and don’t add any eggs or oil.

So you are only eating the calories of the unprepared cake mix. Let me just tell you…YUMMY. It’s definitely denser than a normal cake, but it was just perfect. Because it’s thicker, a smaller piece fills you up.

I used a devil’s food chocolate cake mix with a diet Dr. Pepper. For what I made, and the servings I cut, I had only 2 points per serving for the cake and nothing for my homemade frosting. I made my cake mix as cupcakes, but I won’t do that next time. Instead I will bake it in a cake pan.

I made frosting out of fat-free Cool-Whip, and I added a package of sugar-free, fat-free butterscotch pudding mix. For a dollop, it’s truly no points!

There are all sorts of variations I have read out there. I plan on trying an Angel Food Cake mix with diet strawberry and then topping it with the fat-free Cool-Whip and strawberries!

Be creative! Try different mixes with different pops! Be healthy and enjoy!

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